Capintec dose calibrator user manual

FAQs - Capintec, Inc. The CRC®-77t HR’s performance and reliability have been desned to meet the unique and demanding needs of the hh-activity isotope manufacturing and radiopharmaceutical production environments. A detailed manual calibration procedure is available from your Capintec Application Specialist. How do I set up a user key on my 15 family dose calibrator?

Range Change Errors on Capintec Dose Calibrators The software is desned for rapid repeatable measurement functions often required in production, and includes a fully automated Quality Assurance Program. CRC-25R Dose Calibrators. non-imaging tests p.a. ➢ 12 calibrators, all Capintec CRC-15R or -25R. Normally use 'last' sample to give fixed sampling period.

CRC ® -55tR Dose Calibrator - Brachytherapy, Dose. - Capintec, Inc. Hardware is carefully desned to minimize the impact of hh radiation fields upon electronics. View CRC®-55tR Manual- Spanish. The new Capintec CRC®-55tR Dose Calibrator provides the speed and accuracy you need. The CRC®-55tR's desn includes a menu driven, color touch screen interface that is easy to learn and use.

CRC®-77tHR Dose Calibrator - Capintec, Inc. A touch screen user interface provides a user friendly and efficient workflow. A touch screen user interface provides a user friendly and efficient workflow. Some features include a hh activity range of over 400 Curies for Tc-99m, USB/PC.

FAQs - <em>Capintec</em>, Inc.
Range Change Errors on <b>Capintec</b> <b>Dose</b> <b>Calibrators</b>
CRC ® -55tR <i>Dose</i> <i>Calibrator</i> - Brachytherapy, <i>Dose</i>. - <i>Capintec</i>, Inc.
CRC®-77tHR <strong>Dose</strong> <strong>Calibrator</strong> - <strong>Capintec</strong>, Inc.
CRC ® -55tPET <em>Dose</em> <em>Calibrator</em> - <em>Capintec</em>, Inc.
CRC ® -55t R-PET Chamber <i>Manual</i>- Revision K - <i>Capintec</i>, Inc.
CRC ® -55tW <strong>Dose</strong> <strong>Calibrator</strong>/Well Counter - <strong>Capintec</strong>, Inc.
Ra223 setup for <i>Dose</i> <i>Calibrators</i> - <i>Capintec</i>, Inc.
CRC ® -25PET <strong>Dose</strong> <strong>Calibrator</strong> - <strong>Capintec</strong>, Inc.

Capintec dose calibrator user manual:

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