Sharp pc 1500 manual

Sharp pc-1500 -1500a & trs 80 pc2 - Les pas perdus. Another Computer Breakthrough from Radio Shack Radio Shack puts b computing power in the palm of your hand with the amazing new TRS-80 Pocket Computer, the first complete, portable copmuting system you can program in BASIC. Le PC 1500 est une des machines mythiques de Sharp. modification de la mémoire grâce aux instructions PEEK et POKE voir Les confidences du PC- 1500.

PockEmul Sharp Pocket computer emulator The Pocket Computer can solve problems, process data, assist with decision-making, teach, and even entertain – at a low price that seems all the more incredible once you’ve explored its exiting features You Don’t Have to be an Expert If you’ve never operated a computer, don’t worry, because calculations on this “pcketable” TRS-80 are as simple as using a calculator – or you can use our cassette software that’s ready to run. Août 2016. Le Service Manual de la Sharp CE-126P. Posted on. CE-126P Service Manual. Il est très proche du PC-1403, avec l'interface série en plus.

SHARP PC-1360 - YouTube The Pocket Computer had built-in arithmetic functions you can put to work immediately, simply by pressing the ON key. Mar 3, 2012. 1986 SHARP PC-1360. lemmon211. Loading. Sharp CE 150 Printer PC 1500 Vintage Hardware Repair - Duration. Kai Bader 1,673.

Sharp pc 1500 manual:

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