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Full text of "The Caribbean forester" - Internet Archive Historic, archived document Do not assume content reflects current scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. The work has been carried on in the Mac Nair Ravine Sable Forest Reserve, an irregular block of some 863 acres situated on the northern plain of Trinidad about 15 miles south-east of Port of Spain. Soils The following descriptions of the soil types was furnished by Dr. With the exception of the calcareous clay v/hich occupies a very restricted area, all these soils are derived from sedimentary rocks which are deficient in essential plant nutrients and are therefore unsuited to present systems of peasant agriculture. There is a considerable demand for charcoal, fuelwood, round- wood house posts, rods, rafters, thatch for roofing, etc., in fact diffi- cult^'' is experienced in obtaining wood of any kind. Bejuco indeterminado de hoja menuda en forma de azada que orece en los. Caribe lo constituye un Memorandum de iJntendido entre el Contralor de Desarrollo y. llamadaa "muneco en la caja de resorte" en Barbada a los pocoa anos. y otros utensilios mecanicos en vez de mero trabajo manual Sin embargo.

Justia Panama Federales Decretos Decreto 74 De 2003 Ley. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE FOREST SERVICE TROPICAL FOREST EXPERIMENT STATION RIO PIEDRAS, PUERTO RICO VOL. The treatment of areas which have been ruined by fire and the shifting cultivator is perhaps one of the bgest forestry problems which exists today in Tropical America, and since a considerable measure of suc- cess has been attained in Trinidad, a description of the progress to date may be of help to other workers. The flat parts are poorly drained and tend to become swampy in the rainy season. Two phases are distinguished here, the red-weathered phase and the red-mottled phase, the red colour being less pronounced in the latter than in the former and presumably indicating a lesser degree of acidity and faulty aeration. -A small patch of greenish-yellov^ calcareous clay is found on the Toby-Hercules Trace. The boundaries shovm between this type and the Talparo Clay should not be too literally interpreted since the actual boundaries are obscure and there is an intermediate catena zone with sand capping ridges and clay outcropping on slopes. The villages of Chaguanas, Longden- ville and Cunupia, and the settlements of lladras and Las Lomas are v.dthin easy reach. Justia Panamá Inicio Federales Decretos El Documento Titulado Manual De. A Traves De La Caja Menuda Del Fondo De Viaticos Del Ministerio Publico. PENAL; Contraloría General de la República; Censo; Estadísticas; Ministerio.

Untitled - Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Panamá In one locality of Trinidad, however, activities of a somewhat different character have been in progress and there has gradually been evolved experimentally over the past decade a system for the rehabilitation and regeneration of degraded woodlands. The elevation throughout varies between 50 and 200 feet above sea level. -A lht, greyish, loose sand, underlain at a depth of one to tv/o feet by an exceedingly compact impermeable and non-shrinking red and white mottled clay or clay-loam. This soil is associated with the flat country in the north of the Reserve. This is associated with rather more undulating land than the Piarco Sand, but there is an intermediate zone between them where the two types alternate in catena, Piarco occupying the flat tops of ridges and Las Lomas the slopes. -A very heavy, almost pure clay of shrinking type, generally brilliantly red-mottled in the upper three feet, merging into a whitish clay below. IWo phases are distinguished, a flat phase and a slope phase, depending on the nature of the topography. Utilization of Produce The local population is an agricultural one, mainly cane farmers of both East and West Indian extraction. Señor Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal, Presidente de la República. Los logros y. con el fin de actualizar y agilizar, a lo interno del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, el Manual de. Se presentaron y remitieron a la Contraloría General de la República y al Ministerio de. reembolsos de caja menuda.

A \a\a \a\o \a`\a \a`\o \acanina \acurutu` \afrar \agaza \ame \andu. All of these have dealt with what is, in Trinidad, the major silvi- cultural activity - the regeneration of hh forests. In the southern half the Miocene formation (sands and clays) is exposed and the land is undulating. -An orange to red and white mottled loam, somewhat stiff and impermeable. — A deep, loose, free-draining sand of grey colour. The Reserve itself is traversed by a number of natural soil cart roads, which connect with the metalled roads. Caite caja caja` cajel cajera cajeri`a cajero cajeta cajete cajeti`n cajetilla caji`. contrallar contrallo contralmirante contralor contralorear contralto contraluz. mantuano mantuda mantudo mantuvio`n manuable manual manualmente. panadera panaderi`a panadero panadizo panado panal panama` paname\a.

. Beard, Trinidad & Tobago The first year in the Cambalache Bxperimental Forest • . A SILVICULTURAL QUE _Ij L TR III IDA^ FOR THE REHABILITATION OF DEGRADED FOREST John S. Conservator of Forests Trinidad and Tobago Previous papers in this journal l/, , ^ , ^ , ^ , have described various silvi cultural ques, practices, and experiences from Trini- devd. Descrip tion of the Reserve The following is a full description of the Reserve: Topography The land in the northern half is somewhat flat, consisting of alluvi- al terraces of Pleistocene age dissected by V-shaped ravines. Communications There is a metalled road one mile from the north end of the Reserve and another two miles from the south end. Lotus-Panama-reunion-ISSA_0_43585642102015-11-30T- -caja-menuda-Cciap_0_43533147302015-11-23T- 0.5.

Manual de caja menuda - Home 1 A silvioultural que in Trinidad for the rehabilitation of degraded forest 1 John S. H, Nelson Smith, British Honduras Forestry in the coffee region of Puerto Uico 71 Frank H. , 82 Lorenzo Uribe Uribe , Colombia Note* Numbers 1 and 2 v/ere combined to save cover stock. Betif/een 19 the proposed Reserve v^as surveyed and demarcated and it was finally constituted in 1934. Tot a 3.38 1.33 1,27 2.90 5»73 8.33 9.86 10.51 8,36 6,01 8.92 7.89 74.4 The year is divided into a dry season from January- to April and a rainy season from May to Deceiaber. Manual de procedimientos de caja menuda para las entidades pUblicas repUblica de panamA contralorIa general de la repUblica direcciOn.

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Justia <b>Panama</b> Federales Decretos Decreto 74 De 2003 Ley.
Untitled - Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Panamá
A \a\a \a\o \a`\a \a`\o \acanina \acurutu` \afrar \agaza \ame \andu.
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