Sun fire x4150 manual

Sun Fire X4150 Server Volume Confuration The Sun Fire X4600 M2 Servers Service Manual says installing a shorting jumper across the P20 header pins will reset the SP password and clear the BIOS password. Submit comments about this document at Sun Fire X4150. Volume Confuration Guide. Part No. 820-6409-10.

Sun Fire X4150 Server Installation Guide - Oracle I installed the jumper then powered up the SP and the system fully as this note suggests: You must allow the entire server, not just the SP, to reboot to main power mode to complete the password reset. Sun Fire X4150 Server Installation Guide • May 2009. Installing the Mounting-Brackets Onto the Server 13. Attaching the Slide-Rail Assemblies to the Rack 14.

Sun Fire X4150 Server Product Library This is because the state of the P20 jumper cannot be determined without the host CPU running. Sun Fire X4150, X4250, and X4450 Servers Getting Started Guide, PDF. Where to Find Sun Fire X4150 Server Documentation, PDF. Sun Fire X4150 Server.

Sun Fire X4150 Server Product Notes - Oracle Help Wait until the end of POST, when you see the CMOS password cleared by jumper message, after which both the BIOS and SP passwords are reset. So far I have not tried re-installing or upgrading the firmware, but I'd rather avoid that unless I have to go that route. Sun Fire X4150 and X4250 Software Supplemental 3.0.1 firmware package is now. Refer to the Sun Fire X4150 Server Service Manual for information on.

Sun fire x4150 manual:

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