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Proper Memo Format.doc Letterhead Format - typing or stamping a letterhead, begin with “DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY” centered on the fourth line from the top of the page. It conforms to the standards for Department of the Navy memoranda set in the Naval Correspondence Manual. 2. There are TWO spaces after the period at the.

Fure 2-2. Standard letter same-page endorsement Center the activity’s name, address and nine-dit ZIP code on succeeding lines. NAVAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND. of the Navy Correspondence Manual Encl 1 Example of a Standard Letter 1.

Department of the Navy Records Management Program Identification Symbols – The SSIC or "In reply refer to" should be printed on the second line below the letterhead 3 parts of the Identification Symbols Standard Subject Identification Code (SSIC) Orinators Code Date Naval Letters Dates - Express in day/month/year order (1 Jan 98) Make sure Jan first letter is capital and only two numbers in year. The United States, as required by Title 36 Code of Federal Regulations. This manual may be accessed through the Department of the Navy Issuances web site. records or correspondence from the files, or destroy them.

DoD Manual for Written Material - Defense cal Business Letter Dates - Express dates in the Month/day/year (January 11, 2005) (FOUO) For Official Use Only Typed in Capital Letters Centered at the bottom edge on the first and last page. Write on front cover and the outside of the back cover. SUBJECT DoD Manual for Written Material Correspondence Management. managing the correspondence of the Secretary of Defense SecDef. k U. S. Government Printing Office, “U. S. Government Style Manual,”.

STANDARD SUBJECT IDENTIFICATION CODE SSIC MANUAL Every standard letter must have a “From:" line except a letter that will be used with a window envelope. Via: (l)Commander, Destroyer Squadron 23 (2)Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer 1 (3) Commander, Naval Surface Force, U. Pacific Fleet List enclosures in an “enclosure” line by following the order they appear in the text. FOREWORD. This manual implements the policy set forth in Secretary of the Navy Instruction. a Title 44 United States Code USC Chapters 29, 31, 33, and 35. For example general correspondence files are cut off and.

SECNAVINST 5216.5D DON Correspondence Manual Ch2-- As a general role, give your commanding officer’s title, your activity’s name, and for a command based ashore, the geographic location (without the state or ZIP code). (1) Standard Navy Distribution List (SNDL) (2) List of Marine Corps Activities (LMCA) (3) Department of Defense Activity Address Directory The "From" line gives more than title but less than full mailing address. Never list an enclosure in both the ‘enclosure” and ‘reference” lines of the same letter. A web-based deck of SECNAVINST 5216.5D DON Correspondence Manual Ch2 flash. Cruiser-Destroyer 1 3 Commander, Naval Surface Force, U. S.

SECNAV M 5216.5 2015 - PDF documents - Docucu Use a number in parentheses before the description of every enclosure, even if you have only one. Normally, send one copy of the basic letter plus any enclosures to all addressees--”action~” “Via:,” and “Copy to:” Don’t use “w/encl”; no marking means everybody gets one of everything. Secnavinst 5216.5 june 2015, Us government manual 2015, Mco 5216.20a, Navy correspondence manual 5216.5, June 2015 navy correspondence manual.

Navy Correspondence Manual 2010 United Department of the Navy. Correspondence Manual. Published By T HE S ECR ET A R Y O F T HE NA V Y. SECNAV Manual M-5216.5 March 2010. FOREWORD.

Coast guard correspondence manual - U. S. Coast Are canceled The Correspondence Manual, COMDTINST M5216.4B; the Revision of the. Correspondence Manual to meet the needs of today's Coast Guard.

Us navy correspondence manual:

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